50,000 people per month*

Two 12 foot displays

Captivated Audience

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Captive Media Solutions

Take advantage of a unique advertising opportunity at the Redmond Airport and let Captive Media Solutions digital signage help you capture the attention and buying power of nearly a half-million travelers a year!

With stunning 12’-wide CMS displays strategically placed in both the new baggage claim and boarding gate areas, you’ll catch them coming and going.

Unlike static backlit signs, CMS creates an engaging full-motion visual experience that attracts, involves, entertains and motivates. Here’s the perfect medium to introduce your business to new visitors and reconnect with frequent fliers (as well as the thousands who turn out to greet them).

Provide us with your still image, graphics and/or video elements and we’ll craft a compelling 30-second motion picture message spanning 12 feet that will keep viewers captivated. Each ad is guaranteed a rotation of three exposures every hour per display intermixed with segments promoting the recreation opportunities and beauty of our area – an extraordinary way to associate Central Oregon’s scenic wonder with the enjoyable, high quality amenities and services you have to offer.


One Location: $300/month

Two Locations: $600/month